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Artemis is the lone survivor of the war between gods, man, and machine. Now she traverses the floating ruins of Olympia, befriending birds and hunting robots.

Artemis, God-Queen of The Hunt is a hand-drawn, ultra-hard twitch platformer with a focus on being airborne. With two jumps, a dash, and an air-pause, Artemis can navigate quickly between what remains of her former home. Clever and intricately designed airspace will force a mastery of movement and bowwork.

- Ultra-hard twitch platforming.
- Tight, precise 2D controls. Responsive movement allows for faster, harder levels.
- A unique take on platforming - most of the game is airborne, not earth-bound.
- Hand-drawn art and animation.
- A short and inadequate tutorial, because Gods don't need help.
- A highly discouraged easy mode.

Game Information

Release Date
29th May 2019
James Leakos
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Side view
Platform, Adventure, Indie
Action, Fantasy
PC (Microsoft Windows)