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Alan Wake's American Nightmare CD Key is regarded to be a survival horror, psychological game that has been created by Remedy Entertainment. Microsoft Studios is its publisher. It was on 22nd February 2012 that it got released worldwide with an Xbox 360 title. In North America, it was released On 22nd May 2012, for MS Windows, in Europe on 29th June 2012 and in Australia on 15th November 2012. It has received positive reviews from critics and its tone and style that is found to be different from the earlier Isolation themes were appreciated, like melancholy, light vs. darkness, etc. It has been written by Sam Lake and composed by Petri Alanko and is a single player game.

Similar combat mechanics has been used in this installment that can be found within the original game, where a flashlight is required to be focused on the enemies before weapons are fired at them. The game is said to be much more battle focused, and the player has better access to wide range of weapons like nail gun, machine gun, combat shotguns and crossbow as well as more ammunition to use. An arcade mode also has been featured in the game.

Game Information

Release Date
22nd February 2012
Nordic Games Publishing, Microsoft Studios
Total Rating
Content Rated
T (Teen)
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Third person
Shooter, Adventure
Action, Science fiction, Horror, Drama
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox Live Arcade