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Alan Wake Collector's Edition CD Key is considered to be a psychological game that belongs to the survival horror genre and was released in 2010. It is Remedy Entertainment that has developed the game and Microsoft Game Studios, its publisher. The consoles on which it can be played are MS Windows and Xbox 360. The storyline of this game depicts Alan Wake, who is the protagonist and a novelist, whose mission is to ravel the mystery behind the disappearance of his wife as they were on a vacation at Bright Falls, a fictional small town of Washington.

The game is said to comprise of 6 episodes and the plots containing cliffhangers and twists at every turn and the difficulties increasing with the pace of the game. Two special episodes have been created titled ‘The Writer’ and ‘The Signal’. They are available as DLC content. It took about five years to develop the game and its writer is Sam Lake, while producer is Jyri ‘Jay’ Ranki. Positive reviews were received from the critics and its sound, visuals, pacing, atmosphere and narrative has been praised. In 2010’, it was placed among the top 10 and occupied the first spot by Time Magazine.

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Release Date
18th June 2010
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Xbox 360