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About Love, Hate and the other ones“ is a mindbending puzzle game in which you take control of the two main characters Love and Hate. Guide them through 60 levels to take them back home to their beloved hill. You will encounter different Other Ones with unique behaviours, depending on whether Love or Hate interacts with them.


It is all about Love and Hate. To be honest, it is all “About Love, Hate and the other ones”. The other ones are the creatures Love and Hate encounter on their journey back to the lovely hill they were taken away from by a mysterious red button that appeared out of nowhere. Which is exactly where it took Love and Hate when foolish Love pushed the shiny red thing.

On their journey you guide Love and Hate through dark caves, icy lands with heavy snow, steamy factories and old castles. While you proceed you get to meet more and more other ones that will help Love and Hate to reach their goal, the red button. They react differently on Love and Hate, so the challenge of rearranging all of them never gets old.

Game Information

Release Date
23rd October 2012
Black Pants Studio
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Side view
Puzzle, Adventure, Indie
Fantasy, Comedy
Android, PC (Microsoft Windows), iOS