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You command a rag-tag team of interstellar bounty hunters as they race for elusive golden skull of an elder god. It is buried deep within the temple of the lava-worshiping cult known as the Guthra-dun. The self-defense systems pulsates and snaps to life as soon as Nadia, Vez, and Subject X95c step foot on the planet.
Are you cunning enough to navigate this tough-as-hell platformer and reach the end?


- A game where you can jump, run, and climb ladders.

- A game where you jump over stuff and onto platforms.

- A game where you have to get to the end as fast as you can.

- A game where you die a lot.

- A game with 3 playable characters.

- A game with 90 achievements.

- A game with about 1 hour of total game play (unless you want to keep retrying to get a better run time then it is infinite).

Subject X95c
The mysterious biological experiment named Subject X95c knows no fear. Her advanced adrenal glands make her adept and testing the temple's defense system for weak points. To win, she must clear 100% of the fog from the temple. Leave no stone un turned.

Nadia Stormhammer
As commander of the Geodesic Celestial Liberation Front antiquities wing, Nadia Stormhammer must get in and stay alive long enough to rescue the sacred skull of dura'thum. The faster you can get in and escape the better. Honor to those with the best times.

Vez Rendoux
The mission of chief reconnaissance officer Vez Rendoux is to survey the best path through the temple. Grab the holographic nav orbs without getting killed. One mis-step and Vez has to retrace his steps to the last checkpoint and recapture the nav orbs. Collect, survive.

Game Information

Release Date
7th March 2019
Return To Adventure Mountain
Total Rating
Game Modes
Single player
Player Perspectives
Side view
Platform, Adventure, Indie
PC (Microsoft Windows)