Is G2A legit? We Review The Goliath

Is G2A legit? We Review The Goliath

G2A is the eBay of gaming. The website is available worldwide in pretty much every language. It’s offer are solid and consists of Steam, Origin, UPlay, and other CDKeys. But is G2A legit?

Their main competitor is Kinguin but G2A manages just fine when it comes to features and site speed. The site loads fast and doesn’t have a lot of annoying banners or popups. It has its own mobile app which really helps when you’re browsing on your phone. There is no iOS or Windows Mobile version though so you need an Android phone. The app is available on Google Play and has a fair amount of positive reviews.

The categories on G2A are easy to understand and you will be able to find any game you’re looking for in matter of few minutes. The latest games and promos are always featured on the main page so you can’t miss anything.

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G2A Main

Business Details

G2A has two offices, one in China (Hong Kong, Unit 1401, 14/F Treasure Centre, 42 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong) and one in Poland (Kraków 31-523, Stanisława Moniuszki 26/7 street, this is where their support team is registered). All of their business info is clearly visible at their company website at, you can even apply for a job at the site – it proves that it’s serious business and they keep on expanding.

Products and Pricing

G2A provides a complex marketplace for individual sellers from around the world, this way gamers worldwide are always having a lot of offers to choose from.! More competition means better prices for the end consumer. Well at least in theory because when you compare some titles on CDKeyPrices you will find that G2A doesn’t always have the best offer but somehow it’s way more popular among players.

G2A’s marketplace allows the selling of DLC’s, gold and power items for some games – however CDKeyPrices doesn’t compare those because they are usually more expensive than on their original platforms. However, the digital console CDKeys are always nicely priced so make sure to check out some PlayStation Keys (PS3 and PS4) as well as Xbox Download Codes (Xbox 360 and Xbox One). Unfortunately there aren’t as many sellers of console codes as there are PC CD Keys, probably because of their higher price and difficulty in sourcing them.

Another great feature of the marketplace is G2A Shield which protects you against shady sellers, so if you don’t full trust particular seller or if their reviews aren’t great make sure to pay additional €1/£1/$1 for it.

G2A Product


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G2A works amazingly fast and even allows to use other languages than English, depending on what customer care assistance you get in touch with. I’m pretty sure if you send an e-mail in your native language someone is going to respond in it, although it might take longer to get  response. If you are still asking the question is G2A legit, why not do a test run on their helpdesk?

The marketplace supports both e-mail and live chat help 24/7. Their official Twitter account has 626K followers and Facebook profile has over 1.7 Million (!) likes. This is really impressive and once again proves that G2A is huge.

Trustpilot gives an amazing score of 8.9/10 with 151914 reviews. Those one star reviews are usually related to order mix-ups or some other issue which should be easily fixed by G2A customer support. Feel free to have a look through them all.

Payment Options

All the majors are covered with credit card, Paypal, Skrill, Paysafe and UKash offered. The site also accept bitcoins through Bitpay gateway.

G2A allows pretty much every currency I can think of and a bunch of more.  It also adds the applicable tax for your country if it has any. You can select a currency without any taxes, nothing is stopping you from doing that except for your conscience. Gamers will always find the best price 😉

CDKeyPrices conducted a few tests to make sure if they currencies converted fine and it all turned out OK. G2A doesn’t seem to be making any profit off of currency conversion which is very welcomed. The only gripe here is they add a fee for paypal, so be prepared to see the price a little higher on the checkout screen.

Final Thoughts & Coupons

We came here asking is G2A legit. We get a lot of emails about them and they have been in the news a lot lately. What we found impressed us. G2A just keeps getting bigger and thanks to sponsoring of major e-sport events they keep on growing. I have bought many games on G2A myself and didn’t really have any major problems with their payment system or key delivery, it’s all perfect and just works. They don’t have the best prices available but at least you can trust them, unlike those small, 3rd party sellers – but we do have to trust those a little bit too, after all they make the price lower for all of us!

This concludes the G2A review, as usual send us your thoughts and opinions by leaving a comment. For an extra 3% off your next order use our special G2A voucher on checkout: cdkeyprices.

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  1. So many gray market keys going around on G2A that I’m not willing to go there anymore. Kinguin too, they both allow fraudulent keys, not just keys from other regions.

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