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Your Hatred CD Key is an isometric shooter in which you play as a nameless anti-hero who’s filled with pure, cold and deep hatred to the whole world. The game begins when the protagonist’s emotions reach its peak, and he takes it to the streets of American towns with gun in hand, to kill anyone who comes along in cold blood – regardless of whether it’s an officer of law or innocent civilian.

This is a title with an incredible dose of violence but creators (a small group of Polish designers called Destructive Creations) claim they only wanted to somehow defy the modern trends, making the game focused on pure entertainment like good old games such as Blood or Duke Nukem, in spite of political correctness. The production in question was accompanied by a lot of controversy from the moment of its disclosure and has mixed reviews on Steam Greenlight where it was at first removed due to inappropiate content and brought back after several days by Gabe Newell himself.

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Hatred $4.91 Yes
Hatred $5.72 Yes
Hatred $5.78 Yes
Hatred CD Key For Steam $9.60 Yes

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