Gamers Outlet Review

Gamers Outlet Review

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]amers Outlet is a relatively new addition to CDKeyPrices. When the site applied to be listed on our site, I went about conducting a thorough Gamers Outlet review to see if it’s something our users would be interested in. As I’ve outlined previously, CDKeyPrices receives a lot of requests for listing from “fly-by-night” stores and I am not particularly comfortable with referring our users to websites I am not 100% certain of. There are many online cd key stores that are by no means legit or trustworthy, something I can confidently say is not the case with Gamers Outlet. With that said, I knew Gamers Outlet had been around for over a year and as such went about looking at its details. I have seen the website develop over the past 12 months and seen the progress its owners have made in regards to the sites look, feel and product offerings.

On arrival, what’s immediately apparent to me is the professional and simple looking website. A lot of websites remain with the default themes of OpenCart or Magento, something which frustrates me a lot. Gamers Outlet has implemented their own theme/skin onto the cart, giving it its own unique flavor. Immediately this tells me the owners are serious about creating a brand.

Adding a product to cart and go all the way through the checkout is a pleasant experience. For those who know exactly what product they want to buy when arriving at the website will be happy with the large slider front and center. For those just looking to browser, the store is helpfully broken up into the relevant categories on the top menu.

Products & Pricing

Gamers Outlet could be categorized as a smaller niche site. Its products are listed on the front page, for ease of access. Whilst this does slow down the loading of the site somewhat, overall the site is pretty fast, allowing for a positive user experience from the outset. Their product range is not massive, concentrating mostly on the latest games and the best sellers from previous years. The prices can be described as extremely competitive, with their latest offerings sitting at positions 1, 2 or 3 on CDKeyPrices. As an example BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Like some other cd key stores, Gamers Outlet has begun to offer Xbox One Download Codes and PSN & Playstation 4 Keys. Whilst it only offers a few games, mostly sticking to Xbox Live and PSN subscriptions, it’s something to keep an eye on to see if they expand their offerings in this category. Amazon for example has a massive collection of Xbox One game codes, so the products do exist!


I noticed a licensed dealer number of 558156162 in the footer of the website and went about investigating this a little further. After getting some further information from the owner I found out it is the registered business details for the government authority in Israel.

I then moved on to doing a bit of Googling to see what I could come up with, if anything. Our longtime friend, TrustPilot, has a listing for Gamers Outlet, so I began to go through the reviews. The overall grade is 9.5, which is fantastic, with some complaints regarding the delivery time of purchased products. Like some other stores, Gamers Outlet unfortunately does not have a full automatic delivery system. When paying with a verified Paypal account your key will be emailed automatically. If you are paying with another method such asSkrill, Paysafecard etc, it will need to be manually processed. This is something to keep in mind.

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Gamers Outlet has an active Twitter and Facebook account. The content is mostly related to news and information about upcoming games, with some people electing to raise support queries via these mediums. The site is also constantly running giveaways, and some lucky users have even picked up unclaimed keys from following their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Free stuff is always welcomed! Gamers Outlet does not have any type of news feed or blog, electing to concentrate solely on providing a no frills store.

A test of their support systems saw me receive an email reply in about 20 minutes. It must be noted of course that this was during business hours and I would suspect that there is not 24/7 coverage, something I need to confirm. Coupled with the websites Twitter and Facebook account, there is multiple avenue to raising support queries with the website.

A metric I use to gauge whether or not a user from CDKeyPrices trusts the store I am referring them to is the conversion rate. With that said, Gamers Outlet converts at an above average rate for the stores we track. With competitive pricing and high levels of stock it makes the decision a lot easier if the user has a positive first impression.

Payment Options

Gamers Outlet has all the major payment methods one would need. It may not provide as many offering as some of the other bigger sites, but for those who accounts with the major players you will be well taken care of here.ods of: Paypal and credit card. The site makes a guarantee regarding full refunds if something goes wrong with your key. This is nice to know, but it is something I would expect from all the stores that CDKeyPrices track. I am told that the store is looking to expand its payment offerings in the future.

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  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Sofort Banking
  • iDeal
  • Giropay
  • Skrill


Final Thoughts & Vouchers/Coupons

If you are looking to pick up the latest game at a very competitive price, you can find stores worse than Gamers Outlet. The site has developed a solid reputation on providing the latest releases in time for you to preload. You can only pay with Paypal or Credit Card, which is a negative, however for those who use Paypal exclusively, it will make your checkout and delivery a lot quicker.

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  1. The prices on Gamers-Outlet are unmatched.
    You get discounts for games that just came out, we love it.
    Gamers Outlet also has a 5% affiliate program which we think is pretty awesome.

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