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Game Of Thrones CD Key

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Game Of Thrones CD Key has been created for Kongregate, Facebook, Android, iPhone and iPad by Disruptor Beam. It is actually a strategy based video game and received the 2013 ‘Years best Facebook Game’ in the segment of Staff Picks, including winner of the Friendie Award in the same year. The game is said to have been adapted from George R.R. Martin’s novel series named ‘Song of Ice & Fire’ as well as ‘Game of Thrones’ from the HBO TV Series. It is a social network game that is first in this category.

The game according to Martin, features treachery, alliance building, murders, marriages, as well as continuous struggle to become the greatest house in the Westeros. The player also has the capability towards engaging dynamic social and political intrigue that has been featured both in the TV shows and books. More than 9 million players have subscribed to this game. ‘The Long Night’ is the game’s first expansion released by the developer in October 2014. With this expansion, upgrades have been offered to the Alliance system of the game, besides completing new quests and for collection of items. Apart from this, players are permitted to move beyond ‘The Wall’.

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