G2A Shield - Is It Worth It?

G2A has been in the news a lot lately. After a bit of a public spat with Tiny Build and some fraudulent keys sold via G2A, I followed with interest to see how G2A would respond. I took particular note of G2A's continued references to its G2A Shield, and how users had elected to make a purchase with it would get a refund. But what exactly is G2A shield?


2016-07-02 10_02_46-Payment Methods _ G2A Pay

Given that G2A is a third party marketplace, they do, on occasions, have issues with its sellers selling fraudulent keys. Just like Ebay has scammers, G2A has some scammers as well. To help counteract this and give its buyers some confidence, G2A Shield gives its users the following features;

  • Money Back - Have immediate regrets often? You can get your money back within 5 minutes of your purchase if you want to.
  • Fraud Protection - Any issues, such as those from the Tiny Build debacle, you are protected.
  • All Products - It's not just cd keys that gain the protection, but CSGO skins, time cards etc.
  • Lower Seller Fees - If you are a seller for anything in the G2A marketplace, this is an absolute must for you!
  • Price Matching - Helpful for those looking to save a bit more money. If you find the product somewhere else for cheaper, they will refund the difference.
  • Prioritized Service - If you have a question or something goes wrong, this could be handy.

So how much is G2A Shield?

There's two options here. There is the one off and the subscription based, month to month option. It depends on your currency, but it comes in at €1 , US$1.10 and AU$1,49 for the one off and €2 a month for the subscrption. A common question I receive if this is a one off fee on checkout or an ongoing subscription. A quick google on the subject reveals a lot of confusion. Admittedly the G2A website is not exactly clear on the issue, something they should probably look into.  It is however a monthly subscription so this is something you need to keep in mine and actively cancel.

G2A Shield

If you are a heavy user of G2A then G2A shield is an absolute must. One off buyers looking to save that extra few dollar could probably get away with purchasing from a trusted seller with a lot of reviews. Me personally, I am a subscriber and use it for piece of mind. Completely up to you!