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Final Fantasy XV 15 CD Key

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Final Fantasy XV comes to Windows this March. The action RPG is set in an open world which you can explore on foot, by car (called “Regalia”) or by chocobus (a fictional flightless bird that’s appeared throughout the series). FFXV uses an action-based battle system known as the Active Cross Battle system which uses commands such as “Attack” “Defend” or “Item.” There’s a multitude of weapons available (swords, polearms, axes, firearms and more) as well as elemental magic that you can use to defeat your enemies.

Set in the fictional land of Eos (that’s divided into four nations: Lucis, Accordo, Tenebrae and Niflheim), the whole word has been taken over by the evil empire Niflheim. All apart from Insomnia, the capital city of Lucis which is still ruled by their royal family. ¬The day before a peace treaty is due to be singed between the two parties, Niflheim attacks, killing the king and stealing the magical Crystal which has been protected by the Lucis royal family for generations. You take control of Noctis, the heir to the Lucis throne and accompanied by his three friends; Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, he must set out on a quest to recapture the Crystal, defeat Niflheim and avenge his family.

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