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FIFA 13 CD Key

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FIFA 13 CD Key is called in North America as FIFA Soccer 13. It belongs to the series of FIFA and has been published by Electronic Arts. EA Canada is its developer. On 11th September 2012, the game had been released. Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, Manchester City, Arsenal and A.C. Milan are included in the demo team. More than 1.99 million times, the demo had been downloaded worldwide within three days of its launch, which is stated to be a record in itself. In September 2012, the game got released in majority of the regions and in October 2012 in Japan. Also, was released the Wii U version.

New features had been introduced in this installment like ‘First Touch Control. It is also regarded to be the only title under the series that has been released for Wii U. Other new features included were new celebrations. Overwhelming positive reviews has been received for this game by critics and its fun feel and fast paced game has been appreciated and FIFA 13 has been considered to be among the very best of FIFA. It runs on Impact Engine and is both a single player, multiplayer game.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
FIFA 13 $4.61 Yes
FIFA 13 CD Key for Origin $22.70 Yes

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