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Far Cry Primal CD Key

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Your Far Cry Primal CD Key will take you back to the days of Stone Age, during the time when the food chain did not have man at the top. There were dangers around during night time and every living animal had to survive in terror. At Oros, the untamed land is where the player meets the sole survivor of a hunting group that was ambushed. With Takkar, now being on his own, he has to face the savage saber-toothed tigers, huge mammoths, countless threats and hostile rival hunter bands. His objective is to re-unit with his lost tribe.

Takkar in this game is an excellent hunter and is known to have his own set of survival tools and skills, including capability to craft weapons and tools from bones of animals that is slayed by him and resources gathered from the wild. In this game, Takkar is required to safeguard his tribe for ensuring growth and survival. The entire game is out on the open world and the adventure of Takkar is likely to take him through beautiful landscapes, ranging from redwood cedar forests and swamps. A wonderful game to be engaged with that has mind blowing images and realistic sounds and game play.

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