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Far Cry 5 CD Key

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It’s May 2017, Donald Trump has recently been elected as President of the USA, Britain has voted to leave the EU and the rise of the “alt-right” is all over the news. So when it was announced that the newest game in the Far Cry series was going to be set in rural Montana, battling a band of extremists, as you can imagine it caused a tiny bit of controversy. It also explains why Far Cry 5 has been one of the most highly anticipated games of 2018 and it certainly hasn’t disappointed.

You’re the deputy sheriff in the fictional town of Falls End in Hope County, Montana, which has been taken over by a cult led by radical preacher Joseph Seed. Seed has taken control of the local community and is ruling by fear and violence. It’s up to you (and those that you can recruit along the way) to stop this mad man and restore peace to your little town.

For the first time in the series there’s no set character to play as, so you can alter your appearance, gender, skin tone etc at the start. There’s also a greater focus on close quarter combat with a wider range of melee weapons available. Take on Seed and his congregation “Eden’s Gate,” solo or in co-op mode with the option for a friend to jump in and out midway through the adventure a welcome one. Recruit locals and animals to help your cause, whether it’s Grace the sniper or Boomer the hound, all can aid you in their own unique ways. And if taking out extremists in rural America starts getting boring after a while, the Season Pass pack enables you to take on the undead in “Dead Living Zombies,” the Viet Cong in “Hours of Darkness” and enormous alien spiders in “Lost on Mars.” Never for the faint hearted, Far Cry 5 is sure to keep you entertained for hours!

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