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Far Cry 4 Season Pass CD Key

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Far Cry 4 Season Pass is the 4th part of the Far Cry game franchise, and takes you to the country of Kyrat in the high Himalayas which is steeped in violence and tradition. As Ajay Ghale, a youth who has to go to the country to complete the dying wish of his mother, you get embroiled in a civil war which aims to topple the regime of the cruel dictator named Pagan Min. You have to save your skin as well as prevent a mysterious item from falling into the hands of the forces of the dictator. At every corner, there lies surprises and danger.

You need to escape from the Durgesh Prison along with a fellow captive to survive the dangerous land. You have to recover the item and use it against the forces of Min as well as the rebels. There are extra weapons, additional missions and an exclusive PvP mode which is a new feature. With the right tools, you have to keep yourself alive and protect your base from a terrible cult. Prior to the purchase of Far Cry 4 Season Pass CD Key, you should read the product description from your store. Make sure that the CD key and any activation method needed by the same is there in stock.

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