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Escape Dead Island CD Key

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This time the Dead Island is being developed by the Swedish developer – Fatshark. The plot is a bridge between the first and second part of the series. You play as Cliff – the son of a wealthy man, who wants to shoot an amazing documentary about a virus that turns people into the undead. Cliff collects a pack of friends and travels to the island – quarantined top secret facility. However, instead of fun, youth meets death and struggles for survival.

Your Escape Dead Island CD Key combines elements of stealth, action and adventure games. The camera is placed behind the back of the hero, and the basic model of survival in an unpleasant environment is quiet elimination of opponents, despite the rich arsenal (including katanas!). Fatshark distinguishes comic artwork and slightly psychedelic vibe. Cliff is not immune to the virus, so any contact with an infected ends tragically for him.

Always read your chosen stores product description before buying your Escape Dead Island CD Key. Check they are in stock, as well as any activation methods the cd key may require. Be sure to let us know what you think of the game in the comments section below!

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