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The world is your garden : chill and cute Ecosystem Sandbox ! Create your biomes, balance the food chain, build unique landscapes. Take the control of any creature and roleplay as a wild beast that must survive. Imagine your own uniques stories.


Plant a tree, and watch the forest spread...
The world is your garden, only you will decide which species of plants and animals will roam the earth and grow!
Wild Souls is a chill wildlife simulation, a cute sandbox where you create and manage your own ecosystem.

Choose from a catalog of plants and animals from all over the world, and build your own biomes.
Animals will search for food, hunt, build their shelters and reproduce, plants will spread as much as they can.
Days and seasons will pass, and after many generations, the world will evolve: new colors mutations will appears in animals, massive forests of old trees will witness uniques interactions between the animals and their environment.

Every animal in the game is playable, and every interaction they can have with their environment/kind is available to you!
Could you survive as an animal in the wild landscapes you gave birth to ? Could you raise offsprings and make your bloodline live through the ages?

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Game Information

Release Date May 9, 2022
Publisher Halfondarr
Game Modes Single player
Player Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Genres Simulator, Indie
Themes Sandbox
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows)