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A rogue-lite hack and slash dungeon crawler in which Zagreus, son of Hades the Greek god of the dead, attempts to escape his home and his oppressive father by fighting the souls of the dead through the various layers of the ever-shifting underworld, while getting to know and forging relationships with its inhabitants.


Zagreus, the son of Hades, has discovered that his mother, which he was led to believe was Nyx, Night Incarnate, is actually someone else, and is outside Hell. He is now attempting to escape his father's domain, with the help of the other gods of Olympus, in an attempt to find his real mother.

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Game Information

Release Date May 1, 1995
Publisher Ablex, LG Software
Total Rating 85%
Player Perspectives First person
Genres Shooter
Themes Action, Science fiction
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows)