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Dying Light CD Key

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Dying Light CD Key has been created by Techland, the popular Polish game developer, while its publisher is Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. This game was announced on May 2013 and only got released in 2015 for the different platforms like Xbox One, PS 4, Linux and MS Windows. It was also planned for its release on Xbox 360 and PS 3, however, because of limitations to hardware resources the developers of this game to cancel this plan.

Dying Light is said to revolve around Kyle Crane, who is an undercover agent, required by his seniors to infiltrate Harran, a quarantine zone. Harran is regarded to be an open world city that is enemy infested having dynamic night and day cycle, which is known to have the game changed drastically, since enemies tend to become difficult to be dealt with at night time as they become much more aggressive. Its gameplay does focus more upon free running and weapons based combat. Besides this, it also does feature asymmetrical multi-player mode, co-operative multiplayer mode and four player mode. The game’s director is Adrian Ciszewski and Pawel Marchewka, Producer is Tymon Smektala, designer is Maciej Binkowski and programmer is Bartosz Kulon.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Dying Light PC $10.22 Yes
Dying Light Key Steam GLOBAL $10.73 Check
Dying Light $11.40 Yes
Dying Light $11.52 Yes
Dying Light $14.99 Yes
Dying Light (PC) $15.57 Yes
Dying Light Steam CD Key $19.15 Yes

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