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Duke Nukem Forever CD Key

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Duke Nukem Forever CD Key is a shooter game that is played from the first person perspective. It has been developed for gaming consoles like the Xbox 360, PS 3, OS X and MS Windows. It is termed to be ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ sequel that was launched way back in 1996. Triptych Games and 3D Realms had stated development of the game and it was Piranha Games and Gearbox Software that had it completed.

The protagonist of the game is required by the gameplay to get back to action from retirement to help save the planet that has been ravaged by the aliens and to protect those women, who are every time being kidnapped by the aliens. Because of the extremely protracted development schedule, the game becomes a great instance of vaporware. It was only after 15 years of being under development that the game got finally released in the year 2011. The response to the game from critics and fans was average. The publishers of the game are 2K Games and Aspry Media who published it for Mac version. Take Two Interactive it its distributor; composer is Eric Von Rothkirch and designer is George Broussard. It runs on Unreal Engine and is both a single player and multiplayer game.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Duke Nukem Steam Key GLOBAL $3.71 Check
Duke Nukem Forever $4.32 Yes

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