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Dragon Ball Xenoverse CD Key

Product Image of Dragon Ball Xenoverse CD Key

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse CD Key has been developed by Dimps. This combat game has been published by Namco Bandai and comes with unique features typical of the present console generation. The game comes in both multiplayer and single player versions. It takes players through the popular battles from the Dragon Ball series. In your Custom Avatar, you can battle along the side of Trunks as well as lots of other popular characters. There are new interesting features such as the cryptic Toki Toki City, fresh character animations, fresh game-playing mechanics and more.

There are new characters in the form of Towa who is a sinister scientist from a dark world, an android named Mira that is attempting to become the most robust character in the Dragon Ball universe, the ancient deity known as The Supreme Kai of Time and Tokitoki which is her bird companion. You can experience a technical combat system and chose custom avatars like Frieza Clansman, Namekian, Saiyan, Majin or Earthling. You may create your own special character that can enter the Dragon Ball world. Your training exercises and skills will vary according to the Master that you chose to train under in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse. During the battle, the Master can even appear at times to help you.

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