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Destiny 2 CD Key

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Destiny 2 is the follow up to Bungie’s popular 2014 game Destiny. Winner of the Games Critics Awards Best PC Game 2017 and Gamescom 2017 Best Social/Online game AND Best Multiplayer game, it’s sure to excite Destiny fans worldwide. This online only, multiplayer first person shooter (set in a shared world environment) sees you take on the role of a Guardian – protectors of Earth’s last safe city against multiple alien invaders, using their mystical power known as Light.

In Destiny 2 The Guardians must protect Last City (a very imaginative name we know) from The Cabal – an alien race led by Dominus Ghaul. The Cabal have not only managed to infiltrate Last City but they’ve also managed to strip the Guardians of their Light. Choosing to play as either a Warlock, Hunter or Titan, in your quest to defeat The Cabal and restore the Light to the Guardians.

The main criticism of the original Destiny was its Story Mode, which many believed lacked well……. much of a story! The good news for Destiny fans is that Destiny 2 sees a vast improvement on the story line which is apparent from the get go. New activities built into the story mode also give it variety and are a welcome addition to the normal story missions.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Destiny 2 PC (APAC) $20.83 Yes
Destiny 2 $35.99 Yes
Destiny 2 ASIA/Oceania CD Key $36.22 Yes
Destiny 2 cd-key EU $38.03 Yes
Destiny 2 $40.76 Yes
Destiny 2 $40.99 Yes
Destiny 2 $41.03 Yes
Destiny 2 CD Key for Standard Edition $41.67 Yes
Destiny 2 Cd Key EU $45.41 Yes
Destiny 2 Blizzard Key EU $54.43 Yes
Destiny 2 ASIA/Oceania CD Key $58.30 Yes

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