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Dead Island CD Key

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Dead Island CD Key is a role playing, action based, survival horror game that has been developed by Techloand a Polish developer and published by Deep Silver, a German Studio. It has been created for gaming stations like Xbox 360, PS 3 OS X, Linux and MS Windows. The gameplay is about zombies investing an open world island, where the player is required to engage on melee combat. The game was widely anticipated by the gamers, due to its popular announcement trailer.

It was at the 2006 E3 that the game got announced, however, the dates got pushed to 2011, with final release in North America being on 6th September 2011, PAL regions on 9th September 2011 and in Japan on 20th October 2011. In 2013, Riptide, a standalone version had been launched, while on 18th November 2014, Escape Dead Island, a spin off got launched. The game has been distributed by Square Enix and runs on Chrome Engine. It is both a single player and multiplayer game. It has received positive reviews and its overall feeling and atmosphere have been showered praises by critics. Dead Island did manage to have a cult following.

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