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Dead By Daylight CD Key

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Dead By Daylight CD Key is an asymmetric horror survival video game with its developer being Behavior Interactive and Starbreeze Studios its publisher. It was on 14th July 2016 that it got released for MS Windows. The director of the game is Ash Pannel, producer is Mathieu Cote and designer is Dave Richard. The engine used for the game is Unreal Engine 4. It is basically a multiplayer game. The gameplay involves a survivor group, ranging anywhere between 1 to 4 players, who are to elude one player, getting killed at night within an enclosed area that can probably be a decrepit cornfield, an abandoned junkyard or a secluded forest. The survivor’s perspectives are from the third person point of view, while the perspective of the killer is first person.

The game’s setting takes place across 3 locales that has been split to 12 maps, based upon the places, where killers have become murderers. With time, their actions of evilness get accumulated, until the Entity, which is termed to be an unknown dark force gets attraction to it. Those killers worshipping the Entity are tasked to hunting down all the survivors, to sacrifice them, and the survivors are to escape from this nightmare.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Dead by Daylight Steam Key GLOBAL $14.46 Check
Dead by Daylight $15.68 Yes
Dead by Daylight $15.99 Yes
Dead by Daylight $16.00 Yes
Dead By Daylight CD Key For Steam $16.60 Yes
Dead by Daylight Steam CD Key Global $16.71 Yes
Dead by Daylight Cd Key Steam $18.17 Yes

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