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DayZ CD Key is regarded to be a survival, open world game that has been developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. On 16th December 2013, it got released for MS Windows through Steam and to be played exclusively on MS Windows platform. The game’s background has Chernarus, a fictional post-Soviet state, where zombies were created, due to the occurrence of some mysterious plague in the region. The player is a survivor, who is required to search for medicine, weapons, water and food with an aim to survive along with the other survivors and to avoid and kill the zombies to escape them. New features have been introduced in the game like diseases. More than 3 million units had been sold with the game being released on alpha. It was later released for PS 4 and Xbox One.

The objective of the character is to stay healthy and alive and has been equipped with just simple clothes, a rag and road flare, requiring to investigate barns, apartments and houses for scavenging supplies. It has been produced by Brian Hicks, designed by Dean Hall. It is a multiplayer game is of the third person, first person shooter genre.

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