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Dawn of War 3 CD Key

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Dawn of War is a series of strategy games developed by Relic Entertainment. The first game was launched about a decade ago and the second one about four years after that. Now, after a very long time the third game has been announced. Both the previous games had players at the edge of their seats. While the first one has huge armies and a sort of control point capture, the second one was worked at a basic level with hands-on tactics. This makes the fans wonder what the third one would be like. Dawn of War 3 is actually the mixture of those two and then some. You can control your army at a macro as well as the micro scale. This makes things a lot more interesting as well as fun. In campaign mode you have a much evolved storyline with lots of important characters and some twists. The multiplayer mode will quite like the other strategy games. However the complete features are not yet known.

Despite the exact release date being unknown there is a lot of excitement among fans. Pre-orders of Dawn of War 3 CD key have already begun. If you do not want to be left out, place the order now.

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