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Crysis Maximum Edition CD Key

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Crysis Maximum Edition CD Key belongs to the Crysis franchise and has been developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts. This edition has been rated to be mature for having violence, strong language and blood. In this story, the protagonist belongs to the U.S. Raptor force, who is sent to a remote island to investigate the presence of the North Korean activities here. It is then that the unexpected takes place. The graphics of this edition are mind boggling and sound is just great. The missions include some recon, survive, search and destroy. It is much easier to have the nanosuit features to be changed. It is an open environment game that allows the player to explore the different regions, to use the nanosuit (extra armor, speed, super strength, and cloak) and to tackle the tough situations. The Artificial Intelligence provided in the game acts according to the demands of the game and is very smart.

There are in total twelve missions and every level of the game is pretty quick. However, the multiplayer mode can be slow paced. The game is customizable to suit the specific conditions and player moods and preferences, while the replay ability is medium to high.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Crysis: Maximum Edition Cd Key Pack $10.44 Yes
Crysis Maximum Edition Origin Key GLOBAL $12.30 Check

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