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Crysis 3 The Lost Island CD Key

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The developer of Crysis 3 The Lost Island CD Key is Crytek, a German game developer and Electronic Arts its publisher. It is a shooter video game that is played from the first person perspective. It belongs to the 2011 launched ‘Crysis’ series game and is the third installment, running on CryEngine 3 game engine. Announced officially on 16th April, 2012, this game had been released on 19th February 2013 in North America.

The gameplay is about a Nanosuit holder named Prophet, whose mission is to have revenge upon the leader of Ceph alien race called ‘Alpha Ceph’ and the CELL Corporation. “Crysis Warhead’s” main protagonist Psycho accompanies Prophet in his mission and is AI controlled. The game’s storyline is the Crysis trilogy’s end. This installment has introduced new features within the gameplay, which includes hacking feature and new compound bow, as well as Rip and Throw, asymmetrical multiplayer game mode known as the ‘Hunter’ and Nanosuit ability. Positive response was given to the game upon its release by the critics and its level design, multiplayer and visuals were praised. The game also had won several awards before its getting released for the public. However, it could not live up to the company’s expectations commercially.

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