CJS CD Keys Review

CJS CD Keys Review – Some Details!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n absolute Goliath in the industry, CJS CD Keys are one of the real pioneers of what many of us tight arse gamers now take for granted; buying cheap Steam games that we didn’t buy off Steam! We’ve got a little CJS CD Keys Review below, be sure to leave your own comments and let us know what you think! If you have purchased a few cd keys over the years, or been doing research on where you might buy your next game, there is now doubt you have come across CJS CD Keys. What started out as some kid running with a new idea, the site owner, Corey J Smith, now employs a team of 5.

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They are a registered business (CJS Sales & Services LTD CN#127465, in case you were wondering!) but despite boasting over 200,000 completed orders and a customer database of 100k, the owner is very approachable. when we let Corey know we were doing a CJS CD Keys review, he wanted to say a few words.

Speed of service is first and foremost, and after that is price. Most of our reviews state that we’re the fastest CD Key Shop they’ve ever used, with truly instant delivery. Other ‘instant’ key shops still manually approve the orders. CJS however is a truly automated system.

The websites Facebook page is very active, with a lot of users posting questions about thier orders, which appear to be answered and followed up very quickly. The same cannot be said for the sites Twitter account though, which although having over 1,000 followers, does not appear to be Tweet often. When it does Tweet, it’s usually in response to a customers query.

In regards to Trust Pilot, CJS CD Keys has a massive 8790 reviews, with literally dozens being added every 24 hours. This is testament to the websites size and reach!

Payment Options – There’s Plenty

It’s payment options are endless, and it would basically be impossible for you to not be able to make your purchase on CJS. They even include Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin which truly sets them apart from their competitors.

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The website has a handy feature which lets you know when and what products have restocked. During our CJS CD Keys review we took note of the restocking status for a good ten minutes. I was surprised at how constant the restocking was. They seem very proactive and don’t simply buy games they run out of stock. This is a testament to the it’s popularity. Once you are a customer at CJS there very little reason to go elsewhere!

They Any Good?

Certainly not the cheapest cd key store out there, but they don’t have to be. Great store, great service. The autokey just makes it that much better.

We hope you found our CJS CD Keys review helpful. We’ve had no issues over the years and you can be confident they are a legit and trustworthy store.

5 Replies to “CJS CD Keys Review”

  1. I just bought from these guys and they full on scammed me. They sold me a duplicate key that has already been activated on Steam and now flat our refuse to acknowledge it or provide me with a new key or refund.

    I’ve been waiting to play Fallout 4 for months and now have just spent that time arguing with them. Have had to resort to a PayPal claim (DEFINTELY USE PAYPAL!) I wish I had bought off Steam or another seller. STEER CLEAR OF THESE GUYS, it’s not worth the stress :(.

    1. Hi Adrian, can I get a order #, I can try to assist with someone from there.

  2. I Too have been scammed, i purchased a Xbox One Account with Forza Horizon 3 and after a couple of days the game was no longer in my account, when checking the linked account email the seller has refunded the money from Microsoft and left me without a game, i will also be going through paypal to get my money back from these thieves!

  3. I have also purchased Forza Horizon 3 Xbox one Account for my windows 10 PC and have just found out that my game was refunded with the account they provided me to login with through windows app for the game and I am now without a game. If

    cdkeyprices reads this my order #863239.

  4. Yep, exactly the same occurred to me – also Forza Horizon 3 – worked for a few days. Given crap excuses that it was a suppliers fault and they would resolve it. That was over a month ago and still not resolved and no refund. Even though they claim ‘full customer satisfaction or your money back’!

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