Civilization Beyond Earth Are You Serious?

Another day, another massive rip off for Australians.

The upcoming Civilization – Beyond Earth is coming in a hefty $89.99 AUD for those poor little Aussies. No wonder more and more gamers and consumers of digital content are using VPN’s and sites such as CDKeyPrices to get around geo-blocks and price discrimination.

A quick price comparison from the other steam stores including the USA and the UK shows us the continued and blatant rip offs that Steam and game publishers dish out on a daily basis to those Down Under.

The US and UK Steam store has the game up for pre order for $49.99 USD & £29.99, respectively. On current rates that is $57.17 & $55 AUD. How they can tact on another $35 I will never know.

One of our most trusted and favourite cd key stores, is listing the game at the moment for $39.78…or $45 AUD. That’s exactly half the current Steam price.

I know a lot of Aussies are sick of this argument, but the more we continue to whinge about it, the more we continue to get around get blocking, and the more we continue to not give in to the criminal rates on our Steam store, the more likely it is they will listen.

For a price comparison of the stores we are tracking, have a quick look here. Even amazon has it for $49.99 USD.

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