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Civilization 6 CD Key

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Ever secretly wanted to build an entire civilisation from scratch, gradually turning it into a super power and subsequently leading said civilisation to total world domination? Just me…… didn’t think so! The latest in the Civilisation series allows you to do just that and more. Master the four pillars that lead to ultimate power; military power (build a massive army?), technological superiority (invent FB before Zuckerberg?), diplomatic leadership (maybe don’t just kill everyone that doesn’t agree with you?) and cultural influence (build an art gallery?). I’m just guessing here but what I do know, is that if you achieve all of these then you’ll become more powerful than other players and computer opponents alike.

Victory in the turn-based strategy 4X game is based on four “X-factors” -eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and (in the famous words of the Daleks) eXterminate. You’ll need to explore, found new cities, build, create an army, research new tech and cultures and enter into trade negotiations with other world leaders, just to name a few. All the while making sure that no sneaky opponent ransacks the civilisation you’ve built whilst you’re not looking – it happens!

The first official expansion pack has just been released too to freshen things up. Civilisation VI: Rise and Fall is loaded with all new features, civilisations and leaders. The developers at Firaxis Games have added new mechanics to the game that demonstrate the potential for a civilisation to rise and then subsequently collapse due to numerous factors. Basically, there’s going to be a load more possible issues that could arise to scupper your plans for world domination – but who doesn’t like a challenge!

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