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Civilization 5 The Complete Edition CD Key

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Civilization 5 The Complete Edition CD Key is regarded to be a 4X game belonging to the series of ‘Civilization’. Firaxis Games has developed this game and released in September 2010 for MS Windows, on 23rd November 2010 for OS X and 10th June 2014 for SteamOS / Linux. The player is required to lead the civilization into the future from pre-historic times using a map that is procedurally generated. The aim to achieve victory conditions by undertaking research, diplomacy, exploration, military and government, economic development and expansion.

A new game engine has been used with hexagonal tiles rather than square tiles that were used by earlier games. Most of the elements as well as the expansion pack had been changed or eliminated like espionage and religion. The game has featured multiplayer, modding and community elements. When it comes to making use of Steam, it has been stated to be the first among the series. The first expansion pack was released on 19th June 2012 as ‘Gods and Kings’; and the second expansion pack got released n 9th July 2013 as ‘Brave New World’. The game has received positive reviews from the critics and it has been termed to be a fabulous turn based strategy based game.

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