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Cities XXL CD Key

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Cities XXL is the latest installment of the Cities XL franchise. This is a simulation game which helps you to build various types of cities. There is a new interface and a more robust game engine which allows you to build better and bigger cities. You can build a large metropolis and become its mayor. The game provides you with the content to build huge cities, comprising of more than 100 structures and buildings. There are more than 65 maps comprising of new environments and landscapes. There are also ecological features to help you make the cities most environment-friendly in nature.

You can plan infrastructure, industry, offices, retail plots, home locations, buildings and various types of architecture in your city. You can manage the economy through the sharing of various resources between the cities that you create. You can trade anything from water, fuel or oil and even workers and vacationers. There are more than 65 different landscapes that you can work on, which include 5 completely new environments. Prior to buying your Cities XXL CD key, you need to always check the product description from your store of choice. Make sure that the CD key and any activation method for the same is available in stock.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock  
Cities XXL $4.39 Yes
Cities XXL Steam CD Key $4.48 Yes
Cities XXL CD Key For Steam: EU Multi-Language key (all languages) (Region Free) $4.56 Yes
Cities XXL $5.36 Yes
Cities XXL $6.86 Yes
Cities XXL Steam CD Key $8.37 Yes
Cities XXL [Online Game Code] $9.99 In Stock
Cities XXL $26.65 Yes
Cities XXL $26.87 Yes

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