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CDKeyPrices had existed for a good number of years before I noticed a website using the domain The first thing to cross my mind was “what a domain!” The store initially had only a few older products and was not a cd key store I thought I would be interested in tracking, considering I’m mostly looking to list the more popular, reputable and up to date shops. Whilst price is a factor (something we touch on in this review) when I look at the stores (I’m trying to get you the cheapest prices, remember!) it’s not the only factor. I added the store to my trusty browsers favourites’ folder for future reviewing. It wasn’t until perhaps a year later that I revisited the store and noticed a change. They had easily doubled the amount of the products they stock and the prices looked great. On some of the latest games at the time, they were either the cheapest or close to it. They had them in stock too!

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Not only that, their Facebook! and Twitter accounts looked pretty active, something that I take note of when assessing a stores eligibility. During compiling this specific review I had a quick glance over some reviews on the more major review sites, as well as searching for the site on gaming related forums. Both came back with positive results with Trustpilot netting them a very healthy 9.8 of over 1000 reviews.

I got in contact with the owners and we came to an arrangement for listing. Since that time I have not had one single complain about the store. do not to stock Russian or VPN versions of game, which we outlined in our Buying Guide, can lead to issues.

Whilst conducting our review we found out the business is based in Dubai, and their company info is present for all to see. This is a big plus for us. A lot of websites requesting listing on CDKeyPrices do not have registered business details, don’t pay tax, or at not willing to share even basic information about their operation. This raises red flags for me. has been a great supporter of CDKeyPrices, supplying several popular games for giveaways on our site. From its initial listing days, it has been one of the best performing and best converting stores we have; a great indicator of their awesome stock levels and confidence users have in the site.

The Verdict

I can thoroughly recommend They don’t have the biggest range, they don’t have absolute rock bottom prices on everything, but what I can tell you is they don’t mislead you about their stock prices, they don’t take days to email your key, and they won’t give you any headaches!

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  1. I’m sure that CDKeys.COM must be your dad, for more cheap game keys you can visit

    1. is cheaper on some, G2A on others……hence…..I made a price comparison website 🙂

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