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C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight CD Key

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C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight CD Key is regarded to be a real time tactics game belonging to the series of Command and Conquer and is its 4th installment. It was on 16th March 2010 that it got released. The Tiberium Saga’s final chapter has been included in it. The game had a beginning as online version only of C&C 3 in the Asian market. On 19th March 2010, it was available for download through Steam’s online distribution gaming service. This installment also is known to make use of the servers of EA for online play. For contesting winners in the game, a closed beta had been released on 21st November 2009.

The developer of the game is EA Los Angeles and publisher is Electronic Arts. Michael Glosecki is its producer and Samuel Bass, its designer. It has been composed by Jason Graves, Timothy Michael Wynn and James Hannigan. It runs on SAGE 2.0 Engine. It received mixed reviews and scored much lesser when compared to its predecessors. Few critics had highlighted the fact that this game was more suitable to multiplayer gameplay and not a single player one. It also has won praises for the concept working well on the mobile bases and online multiplayer being stable consistently.

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