Can my GOG key be redeemed on Steam?

Can my GOG key be redeemed on Steam?

It’s pretty obvious that every PC gamer dreams of expanding their Steam library. Even though Steam is basically a DRM it makes things really easy. It works flawlessly, it has a huge community of gamers from around the globe with amazing features and it’s game sales can’t be beaten by the competition. And what about those Steam sales!

You have to realize that there are people out there who won’t buy a particular title because it doesn’t come with a Steam key. It might seem crazy but that’s how it is.

What makes Steam so special? Steam was the first gaming distribution platform in the world. It launched in January 2003 along with Counter-Strike 1.6 beta and since then it’s the most popular way to buy games and download mods on personal computers. Good Old Games on the other hand launched in late 2008 - it was created by CD Projekt, the same company that created The Witcher 3. The most interesting thing about GOG is that games bought on it are not DRM protected in any way. Which basically means you can back them up on your hard drive and don’t need a constant Internet connection to play them. This is one of the biggest advantages of GOG over Steam. The catalog is lacking though and that seems to hold people off.

If you’ve recently bought The Witcher 3 or the series in general, you’ve probably noticed that the game does not come with a Steam key. It comes with a GOG key instead. Unfortunately you can’t register GOG game keys on Steam, some games come with both keys though so you need to look carefully for that information before buying.

However, you can actually redeem them the other way around with games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut and The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings. Just grab those game keys from your Steam account and redeem them on your GOG account if you want to have access to DRM free versions of these games.

In June 2016 GOG actually launched a thing called GOG Connect where you can connect your GOG account and your recently purchased gog key to your Steam account and transfer some of the available games from Steam to GOG! The full list of games will always be available on Here is the current list of games as of June 2016:

• The Witness
• FTL: Faster Than Light
• The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
• Galactic Civilizations 3
• Trine Enchanted Edition
• Saints Row 2
• Shadowrun Returns
• The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Once you redeem your steam cd key in GOG they will transferred over. You'll be able to permanently import all the games listed above to your GOG library in June 2016 – assuming you own them on Steam. You can connect only one Steam account with your GOG library so do it wisely because the process is permanent. Make sure your Steam community profile is set to public, otherwise you won't be able to do complete the entire process.