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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 CD Key

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Yayy another Call of Duty, get ready your Mountain Dew and Doritos!!!11 Here we go!!!

Black Ops 3, like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, will move the player in a fairly distant future. The world is again in the fire of war, in which the military hostilities use advanced robotics. The boundary between human and artificial intelligence blurred in an extremely dangerous way. New kind of Black Ops soldiers were made. I hope they don’t look like Kevin Spacey…

There are 3 game modes: the narrative campaign, multiplayer with some kids and zombie mode – like you know, mindless killing of super stupid beings but if it’s in coop count me in!

The gameplay is reminiscent of Advanced Warfare, which basically means you can expect mechanical modifications of the bodies and so on. In one moment hand of our hero can turn into a weapon which can be pretty cool I guess. Besides, soldiers can jump really high, dive for ridiculous amounts of time and run along the walls, as in the game Titanfall.

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