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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Season Pass CD Key

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It is Treyarch that has released Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Season Pass CD Key. Season Pass Holders of all Xbox 360 consoles had received access to Nuketown Zombies map on 12th December 2012, while 17th January 2013, PC holders had received access to it and on 19th January 2013, the PS 3 holders, who had been delayed by about 2 days, because of some PSN technical fault that took place. Later on 13th April 2013, it got delayed for release for PC as an individual download.

Having purchased the Black Ops – 2 Season Pass does allow the player to enjoy additional bonus. It has been confirmed by Activision that the holders of Season Pass would receive the map of Nuketown Zombies apart from the planned DLC packs worth a full year. Previously, the survival map to Nuketown Zombies were available to gamers, who had the ordered the game’s Care Package or Hardened Edition to be pre-ordered. However, it would not be received immediately by the Season Pass holders as in December 2012, the plan is to have the map put out, with the first being Xbox 360. The Season Pass did include four DLC packs, besides the Nuketown Zombies.

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