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Borderlands 2 CD Key

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Borderlands 2 CD Key is actually a first person shooter, action based role playing game that was released on 18th September 2012. It is Gearbox Software that is its developer and 2K Games, its publisher. This game belongs to ‘Borderlands’ series and is its second version, while being the 2009’s Borderlands sequel. It has been designed to be played on Xbox 360, OS X, PS 3 and MS Windows platforms. Later on 13th May, 2014, the game was ported to PS Vista and 30th September 2014 for Linux platform.

This version of the game is said to allow the players to take part in a campaign on planet Pandora, where there are present optional side missions and central quests of the game. The key game play is said to feature from that of the original version like randomly generated loot like shields and weapons, character building elements and much more. This game has been well received by the critics and its developers have claimed it to be great financial success. The game’s downloadable content was released, which included new storylines and characters. In October 2013, the “Game-of-the-Year Edition’ had been released worldwide, which included all previously downloadable versions as well as upgradable packs.

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