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Bioshock The Collection CD Key

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Bioshock The Collection CD Key is the re-mastered collection of the gaming series ‘BioShock’ that 2K Games has published. The tentative release for this game is September 2016 and has been designed for the different gaming platforms like Xbox One, MS Windows and PS 4. The initial two games’ remastered version is planned to be offered in the form of free upgrades to existing game owners on Windows. Blind Squirrel Games is its developer, while Take-Two Interactive is its distributor. It is a single player, first person shooter video game.

This collection is said to include the newly remastered version of BioShock’s series’ three titles like BioShock, BioShock – 2 as well as BioShock Infinite. The original release of single player content is to be provided as downloadable content packs, which includes Burial at Sea and Minerva’s Den. In this particular collection, multiplayer component has not been included which was last seen on BioShock 2. It is to have from the three earlier releases, the challenging gaming modes and Orphaned Concept Museum. Also is added in this collection ‘Imagining BioShock’, a director’s commentary that features Ken Levine, the series creator director and Shawn Robertson, the lead artist.

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