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Battlefield 1 CD Key

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Battlefield is one of the most popular games among the first person shooter fans. Several games have been developed in this series by the famous developer EA games. By the end of this year they are going to launch Battlefield 1, which is set in the time during World War I. The players will get to fight their enemy with the weapons of that era. The developers selected this era for the game mainly because of the weapons. They feel that the players of almost every gaming style feel comfortable with them. Besides the weapons there are also melee attacks that can be used to kill the enemies. The developers have made huge improvement over melee by adding weapons like sabers and clubs to the arsenal. And the best thing is that the storyline is historically quite accurate. You will get to see some of the events of that the soldiers saw during the war. This makes the game a lot more adventurous.

The game is set to be launched in the last quarter of this year for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Pre-orders of the Battlefield 1 CD key have already begun. You can place the order at any of the stores below.

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