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Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass CD Key

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Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass CD Key is an action adventure game that has been released worldwide on 25th October 2013. It is Warner Bros Games Montreal that had developed this game and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment its publisher. The game has been released for Xbox 360, Wii U and PS 3 gaming consoles. It has been based upon the superhero Batman of DC Comics and is regarded to be the 2011 launch of Batman – Arkham City’s sequel, as well as Arkham series third installment.

The storyline of the game has been set 5 years before Arkham Asylum and is said to follow the less refined, younger Batman. Black Mask, the crime lord has placed a bounty on him, therefore, drawing the world’s 8 greatest assassins to the city of Gotham on Christmas Eve. Even Anarky and Joker are included as the villains in the game, who would like to take full benefit of the prevailing chaos and with the police apprehending Batman. The game is to be played from the 3rd person angle, with the main focus being upon the stealth, detective, combat abilities of Batman and the gadgets to be used for exploration and combat purposes. It has received positive response from the critics.

CD Key Store Original Name Price Stock
Batman: Arkham Origins - Season Pass $11.59 Yes
Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass $16.76 Check

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