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The creator of Alan Wake CD Key is Remedy Entertainment, while its publisher is Microsoft Game Studios. The game’s producer is Jyri ‘Jay’ Ranki and its designer is Mikael Kasurinen. It is a survival horror, psychological game and has been developed for MS Windows and Xbox 360. The storyline is about Alan Wake, a thriller novelist, who has been trying to find the reason behind the disappearance of his wife, when they both were on a vacation at Bright Falls, Washington, a fictional town.

There are six episodes presented in the game and two special episodes have been continued which has been titled as ‘The Writer’ and ‘The Signal’. Both of them can be availed as DLC (Downloadable content), thereby making the story a bit longer. The writer of the game is Same Lake and more than 5 years were taken for developing it, something that is regarded to be a long time in the game development industry. Positive reviews were received by the game from critics and there were praises showered on its sound, visuals, narrative, atmosphere and the pacing of the game. Time Magazine had also awarded it the top spot among 2010’s 10 top video games.

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Alan Wake $4.85 Yes
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