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Agents of Mayhem CD Key

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Agents of Mayhem CD Key is an upcoming action adventure, open world video game having its background set up in the Saints Row universe. Deep Silver is its publisher and Volition, its developer and written by Jason L. Blair. The tentative release date for this video game is for 2017 for the different platforms like MS Windows, Xbox One and PS 4. It is to be played on single player mode.

This game is regarded to be the Saint Row set’s spin-off, which takes place after ‘Recreate Earth’ with the ending of “Gat out of Hell”. The plot of the game tends to revolve around M.A.Y.H.E.M, an organization that was established by Persephone Brimstone and funded by Ultor Corporation. The organization’s objective is to stop L.E.G.I.O.N, a terrorist organization who is out to destroy the nations of the world.

This game being an open world one is to be played from the perspective of the third person. It takes place in Seoul, South Korea’s futuristic version. Three agents are controlled by the player at a time having the capability to switch between the different players as desired. 12 agents are present in total to be selected, with each of them having their very own unique abilities and play style.

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Agents of Mayhem $40.02 Yes
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