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Age of Empires II HD CD Key

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Age of Empires II HD CD Key is a real time strategy based video game. It is Ensemble Studios that is its creator and Microsoft its publisher. For MS Windows, this game was released in 1999 as well as Mac operating systems. In the series of ‘Age of Empires’, it is the second game. In 2000, an expansion was released in the name of ‘The Conquerors’. Konami had released in 2001, the PS 2 version and Nintendo DS spinoff. The second part was created in 2006 by Backbone Entertainment. This is an awesome HD remake of that game.

The background of the game was said to be set during the Middle Ages. The game comprises of 13 playable civilizations, with the objective of the players being to collect resources for building armies, towns for defeating their enemies. Five historically based campaigns are present in the game that has the player to be constricted towards story backed conditions. There are also single player and multiplayer game modes. The game’s reception had been termed to be positive from the critics, while significant new features were praised along with its game play improvements. About 2 million copies were sold within three months of its release and the game enjoying topping the sales charts in more than seven countries.

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