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Act of Aggression CD Key

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Your Act of Aggression CD Key is real time strategy game that has been set somewhere in near future. The game is said to be somewhat similar to that of Command and Conquer series. It is Focus Home Interactive that has published this game, while Eugen Systems has developed it. It is a PC based game and the platform that it works best on is MS Windows. It was launched on 2nd September, 2015.

The game involves the players to create a base for the army and to manage and collect resources, create new army units and types, to participate against artificial intelligence based battles. Besides the single player mode, this game also is known to feature cooperative multiplayer and competitive multiplayer. It enjoys 70% score on Metacritic.

The game starts with the year 2019, where the Chinese financial system collapses completely triggered by the Shanghai Crash, thereby plunging the world into a deep economic recession. The crisis is known to hit the maximum to the third world countries. The game is said to follow three playable factions, with each having its own unique capabilities, which are the Cartel, the Chimera and the U. S. Army. Overall, it is an interesting game having realistic simulations.

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