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Grand Theft Auto 5 CD Key

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Grand Theft Auto 5 CD Key – Once again…the wait for a Grand Theft Auto game to come to PC after the console. It picked up over a billion dollars in sale in the first few days when released on the console…so it must be pretty good! Stay true to your PC roots and give this puppy a whirl.

The reviews are, understandably, amazing, with the game picking up perfect 10’s from a number of review sites. We of course prefer metacritic which still shows a healthy 97. Strong chance your Grand Theft Auto 5 CD Key will include some goodies but who knows that this is as of yet.

No one has any idea when the game will be released on PC allowing you to get your Grand Theft Auto 5 CD Key, however in the mean time, why not give the previous one a go. Grab it here. It’s the Complete Edition too.

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