Dead Rising 3 CD Key

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Dead Rising 3 is the 3rd game in the series of Dead Rising games. The events of the game occur 10 years after the occurrences in the prequel, Dead Rising 2. It is the sort of game that lovers of movies like World War Z, Resident Evil and Zombieland are going to love. You can let your imagination run wild and use anything as a weapon, even sticking a sharp object onto a broom. The story is set in Los Perdidos, a city in California where a young mechanic named Nick Ramos struggles to escape zombies after a countrywide outbreak of zombies baying for the blood of humans. Before a military strike wipes the city out along with its residents, he has to escape the area with nothing but the help of other survivors and a wide array of interesting weapon combinations available. As Nick, you need to use all your skills, smartness and effective weapons in order to save your skin from the bloodthirsty zombies.

Before you purchase any Dead Rising 3 CD Key, check the product description from the store of your choice. Make sure that the CD key and any activation process needed for availing it are available in stock.

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