Civilization Beyond Earth CD Key

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Civilization Beyond Earth is a strategy sci-fi game created by the developers of the globally famous Sid Meier’s Civilization series. You can set up colonies in an unknown planet, create new wonders, do research on latest technologies, create an army of your own and more. You have to take decisions carefully in order to shape your new environment. This sci-fi game is about the future in which world events have led to the breakdown of the modern society and gave birth to a chaotic world order. With mankind struggling to get back on its feet, the countries which have re-built themselves have started using their own resources on travelling into deep space and trying to make a fresh start for humans in other habitable planets.

You will have to take part in an expedition team sent to find a habitable planet like Earth and develop a new world. You have to decide on everything, from the type of planet to the kind of sponsor for your colony. Always ensure that the Civilization Beyond Earth CD Key is there in stock, and any activation method for the same is also available in the store you have decided to buy the product from.

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