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A video game in first person shooter mode, the Borderlands the Pre-Sequel has been created by Gearbox software. It has been brought out by 2K Games and is the sequel to Borderlands 2. It is the 3rd one in the Borderlands series of games. The narrative mainly revolves around the Borderlands 2 villain Handsome Jack and his attempts to subjugate the Lost Legion and gain back dominance of Helios. There are 4 important characters other than Handsome Jack – Claptrap aka The Flagtap, Athena aka The Gladiator, Nisha aka The Lawbringer and Wilhelm aka The Enforcer. Borderlands fans are more or less familiar with such characters and they have already been featured in the first two editions of the series.

Although playing the game is similar to Borderlands 2, there are new incorporations such as laser guns. You can also freeze your foes during battles and smash the frozen foes to small pieces. Fans will also like playing in a new environment with low gravity, which makes the game play cooler and more interesting. Before purchasing a Borderlands The Pre Sequel CD Key, always check the product description from the store of your choice. Make sure that the CD key and any activation methods needed by the key are available in stock.

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